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Hamza Dairywala 

Co-founder | CTO

Meet <Mr. Flasthubuilder>


Hamza Dairywala also known as Mr. Flashthubuilder has a power of enthusiastically build on any project as fast as the flash. As a Co-founder and CTO, Hamza is intensely committed to working relentlessly with his colleagues to make the right decisions, create magnificent products and deliver outstanding customer service.  As a visionary, Hamza drives technology and product strategy across emerging technologies and framework. He is responsible for enabling thought leadership and developing different websites and apps in various phases like Designing, Development, Integration, Testing, and Deployment in small, medium and large scale web applications. The ecosystem is comprised of providing complete Digital Solution right from web designing and development to Marketing and Branding.


Hamza holds 4+ years of extensive experience in IT sector as a Co-founder of AlienTechSol. His Technical strength in Laravel framework and his partner’s acumen towards business, they started their own company named OTFCoder. OTFCoder works in several domains of Technology and now going hand in hand with Pathology and Genetics, Restaurant Management, Dental Industry, Transportation, Art and Design, Placement Consultancy, Real Estate, Import and Export etc


Besides, Hamza continues to be the mentor for the next-generation leaders by providing the technical guidance wherever required. He is also responsible for identifying key challenges in technology and new opportunities for innovation. He has the expertise and high problem solving skills and could easily get on board with any of the ongoing projects. Hamza is self-motivated and engages in learning new technologies to update himself. The hardworking and honest attitude has kept all the clientele bonded with OTFCoder


Apart from his professional commitments, Hamza is passionate about serving towards social cause to help human race by regular donations. In his leisure time, Hamza loves to play Cricket, explore different places and spending time with his family. 

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Rashida Makati

Co-founder | CEO


Meet Ms. Vision


Rashida Makati Dairywala also known as Ms. Vision is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OTFCoder, A fast growing IT solutions providing firm. She dared to dream for becoming an entrepreneur and created her individuality as a Womentrepreneur and Business women in a technical field foreseeing the scope of growth in IT with non-technical background.


With the idea to succeed, she partnered with Mr. Hamza Dairywala (CTO) to design and develop the strategies to spearhead the growth of OTFCoder.  Her strong acumen for business enabled her in creating a niche for herself through different aspects of work, enabling her to make the paradigm shift towards Information technology. As passionate aficionado, Rashida has led OTFCoder through the most significant transformation in its history, reinventing the company to lead in the new era of Science and Technology (Pathology and Genetics) with IT. With efforts and vision to make the organization grow, She solely sets and evolves the strategic benchmark to direct the company and its portfolio of offerings, while nurturing a strong leadership team to drive its execution. With her strong personality, she has the ability to take best of decisions to generate high revenue and achieve success. Throughout OTFCoder’s reinvention, Rashida has worked to ensure to stay updated with new technologies and are developed and deployed in a way that is ethical and enduring.


Apart from the role as Chief Executive Officer, Rashida is also the Founder of an art firm named Mehndibyme past 10+ years. Prior to OTFCoder, She worked as an educator at The Riverside School, India’s top day school. Rashida comes from a Non-technical background where she holds double graduation in English Literature as well as Education and Masters in English Literature.


Working tirelessly to make a difference, in IT sector, Rashida has taken on many identities, such as Business women, entrepreneur, an aficionado of Business and Education. Effortlessly juggling between the roles of wife, homemaker and entrepreneur, she is today an aspiring young women entrepreneur

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Sabareeswaran Ranganathan

Sr. Web Developer


Meet Mr. Logigator


Sabareeswaran Ranganathan, also known as Mr. Logigator is a full stack developer and has his unique way of handling the bumps in the project. He has an expertise in developing web applications using frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Laravel, Codeigniter and Bootstrap. He has a good command over numerous programming languages including C, C++, Java, PHP, Typescript, Javascript and SQL. He also has experience in both manual and automation testing using Selenium Webdriver and Grid.
He had worked on more than 12 projects in his career. He is organized, highly professional and self-motivated. He always aspires to add value to the organization and the work, and to explore the horizons of trending technology.
In his free time, he loves to read, write and pop bubble wraps
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Jaynil Parekh

Junior Web Developer


Meet Mr. LaCoSsionaPer


Jaynil Parekh also known as Mr. LacoSsinaPer is very cheerful and has his own way of working while spreading laughter with his sense of humor . His happy nature brings giggles to the environment. He is a Passionate Coder and loves coding to its core. He loves to build websites using Laravel which is his strength framework. He holds expertise in API Integration apart from knowing numerous programming languages including C, C++, Python, PHP, Android, Vue.js, WordPress, Mysql. His belief in going to the depth and understanding the code makes him stand apart.  



He has done his masters from renowned Indus University and developed his interest towards becoming Software Developer. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing cricket and video games

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MohammadShahid Malvi

Junior WordPress Developer


Meet Mr. CustomizInPer


MohammadShahid Malvi also known as Mr. CustomizInPer is very enthusiastic and keen learner. His ability to motivate self, distinguishes him from everyone else. Coding is his passion and he can use his passion to build dynamic websites. Some of his favorite technologies are PHP, WordPress and Laravel using which he develops websites. He holds expertise in PHP-WordPress and theme customization, plugin development is his forte apart from coding. With his self-encouraged positive attitude, he is a hardcore WordPress developer at OTFCoder.


Apart from coding, he loves reading books, listening to music and spends quality time with his family.

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Raj Mavani

Quality Assurance | Tester


Meet Mr. CloisterTester


Raj Mavani also known as Mr. CloisterTester has power of finding bugs and help other to do work perfectly. He has expertise in Manual testing and Automated testing using Selenium Web Driver.


He is also well versed with few developing languages like PHP,¬†CodeIgniter framework, ASP.Net, C#.Net, java, c and C++. He has successfully completed 3 ¬†projects on different languages.¬†He has good communication and powerful management skills that helps him work passionately providing Quality Assurance to the Development team in the field of Information technology…¬†


In his free time, he loves to watch movies, playing games and travel with family and friends…

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Saloni Sethiya

HR Executive


Meet Ms.  Gregarious Juggler


Saloni Sethiya, also known as Ms. Gregarious juggler, has the ability to interact with people easily along with multi-tasking. She uses her skills to build relationship with her positive communication and adroitly balances Generalist and Recruiter profile. She pursued her education in Engineering and is well-versed with numerous programming languages including C, C++, Java, and Objective-C. Her interest in in engineering allowed her to explore more opportunities around her thus she started her career as HR where she can utilize her technical as well as interpersonal skills in balance.


Prior to joining OTFCoder in 2018, Saloni worked as HR recruiter in one of the reputed consultancy as a recruiter in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She holds specific experience in IT/Non IT sector. Saloni holds a bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the Mandasaur Institute of Technology.  She has also published several research papers at state level during her education tenure.


Saloni believes in ‚Äúleave no stone unturned‚ÄĚand thus grabs all the learning opportunities that comes her way. In her leisure time, she likes to explore different places and to spend time with friends and family

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Mansi Joshi

Offshore Mobile Application Developer


Meet Ms. MobiGeekologist


Mansi Joshi, also known as Ms. MobiGeekologist has a unique geeky knowledge in the field of Mobile Computing. She has an expertise in developing native mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as developing cross-platform mobile apps using Ionic Framework and Apache Cordova. She is well-versed in numerous programming languages including C, C++, Java, Python, Objective-C, and Swift.


Apart from joining OTFCoder, Mansi is also an educator at a reputed university. She has published six international research papers in the areas of ICT, business analytics, and cybercrime. She had a great opportunity to serve as a project lead for developing a mobile app for Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited. She has an active and dynamic approach to work and getting things done. She is extremely motivated to constantly develop skills and grow professionally in the field of Mobile Computing. She also aspires to be an invaluable resource to the organization.


In her free time, she loves to travel, watch movies and listening to music.

Zehra Suttarwala

Offshore Business Development Associate


Meet Ms. Elevator


Zehra Suttarwala, also known as Ms. Elevator has an immense ability to Elevate the organization by making strong connections, analyzing the business, working on strengthening the OTFCoder brand in the marketplace and help it grow globally. Ms. Suttarwala is responsible for brand, advertising, and research, solidifying relationships with existing clients and developing new clients.


Prior to joining OTFCoder in 2017, Ms. Suttarwala served as an HR of one of the leading company of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her particular experience is in leading multidisciplinary marketing efforts for complex business and leading teams across specialties. Also in maintaining client relationships through regular contact and customer service and making contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities.


She believes that it is very important to build a Brand in order establish a Successful Business on a large scale and thus her focus matches with her collaborative personality and technical skills. She successfully handles all our US clients with her brisk and co-operative attitude. In her free time, she likes to explore different places, spend time with friends and family and meet new people